Iconizing the Iconoclast

Numerous articles / postings have been written, no doubt, on the value that twitter provides by building one’s “fan base”. The concept of possessing individual supporters or “fans” across your social circles and professional verticals is a simple and significant way to either build constituency or to iconize one’s self.

One of the most interesting extents of this phenomena is the ability to instantaneously create micro-events, meetups or flash mob style gatherings.

If you’re a “with-it” technology user or budding iconoclast – you’re connected through SMS, MMS, Picturemail, corporate email, one or more private email accounts, social networks and potentially a number of phone specific social networks. Connectivity through these services can range from instantaneous to passive depending on your access point (smartphone / web) , hardware (computer or phone platform) and speed of access. Communication, while even instantaneously transmitted, may require a a significant periods of time for more than a single party to reply.

With twitter the foundations of tweetups through low cost messaging has a phenomenal value to businesses and individuals alike. Individuals can extend their internet or off-line personas to develop their personal brand, in ways that engage the masses while carrying a distinctly personal message. Your personal style, sensibility and humor as well as cultural constructs are easily parlayed through short posts and messaging. Businesses, as the technology shifts from social acceptance to business productivity could shortcut costly / cumbersome wireless communication, while integrating both web console access of the platform and wireless productivity.

Companies and personas are now free to develop followers taht are interested not only in their activities but their musings, updates and offers as well. Take Tony from Zappo’s post  earlier today:

“Fun little youtube contest we’re doing: “Coolest thing you can do w/ a shoe?” Winner gets $500 Zappos gift cert. http://tinyurl.com/5zwmx7″

Tony is following ~7500 people and has garnered ~7000 followers. Across a wide swath of the social graph, he is able to involve people who may syndicate his tweet to people within their swaths of the social graph. As popularity or notoriety grow, an immense ability to influence and involve people becomes possible.

As we speak, I just received notice of a tweetup at sweet and vicious tonight.

This is a sign of things to come, 20% at a time.

  1. I like to call them “raving fans,” but I think you’ve hit on a key point of the power of connecting with those fans.

    Clay Shirky’s new book expounds on the “flash mob” idea a lot as well. One of the reasons I enjoyed it. See: http://www.jer979.com/igniting-the-revolution/herecomeseverybody/

    Looking forward to meeting you at Pulver’s SMJ event.

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