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On Validated Accounts and Pitfalls in Using Twitter’s Sponsored Tweets

I’m a big fan of Nick Cage Movies.  I’ve probably liked him since “Valley Girl”.

Nick Cage, however, isn’t what I expect to see in my tweetstream.


Yesterday, I started getting SOW (Season of the Witch) tweets in my stream. This was a bit odd, so I started looking at the account and how it engages.

The account is brand new (as evidenced by the follower counts) but is validated, which I found interesting. Twitter suspended the beta verification process while a new validation scheme is worked out, however the @SOWmovie account’s validated status would indicate that they may be testing out something new. I’m sure that the ambiguity surrounding this will be to the consternation of many people who have been waiting months for validation.

That aside, let’s leave specifics on the validation question up to @twitter for the time being.

Regarding Sponsored Tweets

I’ll save the history lesson on sponsored tweets for a later date, suffice to say that prior to Twitter’s implementation, sponsored tweets were provided through third parties and allowed users to be compensated for a brand co-opting their account.

Twitter’s moving to “official” sponsored tweets seems to have missed some of the educational foundations that earlier third party tweet companies  included.

Lesson #1: If you’re the advertising company developing tweets, try and keep them contextual and at the very least “interesting”.

The SOW tweets were targeted at me based upon a celebrity information account I follow, @iamrogue.

The tweets themselves didn’t really leverage the medium appropriately and referenced things that wouldn’t make me want to see the film or even view the trailer. I don’t see what “Forrest Gump” has to do with SOW and see even less cultural reference for tweens and Millenials who may be apt to see the film.

Lesson #2: If you’re a traditional marketer and Social is a new medium – ask for advice or hire a consultant. At the very least, refer to a qualified copywriter.

On Really knowing your Social Media “Medium” and “Netiquette”

My last point is more of a personal pet peeve, but a valid one – I think. If I were to somehow, magically, break into film tomorrow, the last thing I would do is push self serving nominations of myself.

Without even 30 tweets in the bag, and hardly a review, @SOWmovie was pushing for a #shortyaward.

I understand the desire of marketers to want to do something new or use a new “medium” or #award within a “medium”. Blatant self-promotion of this sort from an advertiser tends to do the opposite. If you know what a #shortyaward is, you may be like me in saying “Wow this lacks general sensibility and netiquette”.

Lesson #3: Be aware of the tenor of what you’re doing, the medium itself and the difference between #memes and #awards. Jumping on the latter without netiquette is just kinda tacky.

I’m sure we’ll see @twitter’s sponsored tweets evolve into a mainstream ad model within the medium. It just makes sense for Marketers and Agencies to brush up on Social before engaging.